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Radio Program "Environmental Education... the latest developments"

The 9th of March 2009 marked the start-up date for a radio program transmitting on Mondays at 4:00 p.m. through the services of 1260 XEJAM “La Voz de la Costa Chica”, situated in Santiago Jamiltepec, Oaxaca. The program is broadcast originally in Spanish but has a rebroadcast or simultaneous translation to Mixteco, the dominant native language of the area.

The objective is to dialogue and expound on themes concerning biological diversity, manglares, marine tortoises, animals in danger of extinction, the role of corral reefs, and other subjects important in nature and the environment. The majority of the subject matter is elaborated into a radio script and recorded by Anastacio Rodriguez, a research professor at the Puerto Escondido campus, who has carried out this cultural diffusion work for our university since 1996. It is worth mentioning that replays of these programs have been broadcast in turn by such other stations and associations as the “Asociación Radiofonica Oaxaqueña” of Oaxaca City, “La Voz del Angel” of Puerto Angel, “Estereo Esmeralda” in Puerto Escondido, “Radio Capital” in Mexico City, and the most prestigious educational radio network in the country, “Radio Educación”.

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