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Aquatic Activities at Universidad del Mar

Taking into consideration the different undergraduate, engineering, and post-graduate programs of study at the Puerto Angel campus - all of which are intimately linked to the study of aquatic environments - it is easy to understand the importance for both students and teaching staff of acquiring a basic ability in swimming, and in skin and SCUBA diving. This is not only a matter of ensuring safety in daily activities in aquatic environments but also serves as an important personal advancement in one's professional life.




To foster the practice of aquatic activities in all their various forms, but principally those that serve members of the university community as a means of professional and academic advancement.


  • Swimming
  • Skin diving
  • Scuba diving
  • Water polo



The swimming program carries out two purposes: first, to teach the student who is a bare beginner to swim; and secondly, to ensure that those who know how to swim maintain and if possible improve their skill level.
The basic swimming course is a prerequisite for the more advanced courses in skin and scuba diving; in this way, it can be ensured that all necessary skills have been mastered before the student advances to the skin and scuba diving courses.


To foster the regular practice of swimming among the university community as an essential ability for the carrying out of professional activities directly linked to the aquatic environment.

At the start of each semester a diagnostic test is applied to each of the students with the purpose of assigning him or her to an appropriate level of instruction. A personal file is then started.
Activities are designed in accordance with three different levels of physical performance.
The general idea of the program is that the practice of swimming not be considered just from its utilitarian aspect but rather as part of the overall educational development of students.

Skin Diving

The program for skin diving represents an intermediate step between mastery of the abilities of swimming on the surface and doing so while using underwater breathing apparatus (scuba). Its primary objective is to familiarize students with the basic equipment used (fins, snorkel, and weight belt) and with the marine environment. Instruction is carried out with an emphasis on team work and safety.


To guarantee that student who needs to master skin diving acquires the abilities involved in the safest way possible while working within his or her limitations.


The course is directed at persons with advanced ability in swimming. Skin diving requires good physical conditioning and continuous training to ensure it can be carried out safely. For this reason participants must be good swimmers.

Scuba Diving

The area of Scuba Diving meets two essential needs in our educational institution: teaching and research. We count on all of the necessary infrastructure and instructors to carry out certification courses.


To guarantee that the university members who need scuba diving training for carrying out their work acquire all the necessary knowledge and abilities to do so in a professional scientific manner, working within their limitations and ensuring their safety.

Water Polo

Within the university community water polo enjoys a special status. UMAR supports a sports league with more than 80 players from both sexes taking part, a unique sporting development in the State of Oaxaca.

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